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Preserving Pacey -- Join The Movement

Ever since me and Andie, well, I mean, literally collided, she mistook me for someone else. And she gave me somebody to be.

Say What?

It's true. Ever since he and Andie collided, Pacey Witter has been a changed man. In fact, he seems to have lost his personality.

Bad boy Pacey is a thing of the past.

And we've got something to say about it.

We want Pacey back. The Pacey who didn't care what anyone else thought. The Pacey who actually talked to Joey. The Pacey who had imperfections we loved. Sure, he was screwed up, but at least he was entertaining.

We don't want to see the demise of the Pacey we know and love just because Andie never had a Barbie doll to act out on when she was little.

We're not Andie bashers.

We're pro-Pacey. The old Pacey. We want him to be himself again, whether it be with Andie or not.

Join The Movement.

Getting Started . . .

If you miss the old Pacey, we'd love you to place a banner or image on your page. This will show your support for the movement.

Click here for image choices and their code.

After you've got the code on your page, feel free to leave the link in the guestbook below.

Leave Your Mark

After you've placed one of our banners on your page, feel free to leave your name, link, and comments in the Guestbook.

If you don't like the project, feel free to go elsewhere. Don't take up our space with your negativity.

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